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Weekly Manga Recap

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Weekly Manga Recap

Weekly Manga Recap is a weekly podcast, hosted every Sunday by Chris "Rollo T" Larios and Nikolas "Y Ruler of Time" Freeman. The podcast has (as of August 31, 2011) been accepted as a part of the That Guy With The Glasses reel.

Weekly Manga Recap examines and analyses the latest chapters of various popular manga and offers opinion, insight and speculation into the developments. The show also takes suggestions from the chat and the forums for various manga they should take a look at, the thread for which can be found here. Oftentimes the podcast will not focus on a specific manga, instead going over an aspect of manga culture, or focusing on a question from the official Q&A thread and examining the finer points.

In addition, there is a thread on the forums where questions are taken to be answered on the show.

The title card shown on the stream is made either by Nellufy or Alexanderarts. The title cards shown on TGWTG are made by Steveman.

Episode list

# Episode name Details Date
1. Pilot
 In the pilot episode of Weekly Manga Recap, hosts Rollo T and Y Ruler of Time discuss One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Toriko, Bakuman, and plenty of other great titles! In addition they take questions and a recommendation from the audience! 2011-05-1515 May 2011
2. Bleach Still Sucks
 On this episode of Weekly Manga Recap Rollo T and Y Ruler of Time talk about why Bleach has hit a slump, one of the weirdest flashbacks in manga history, and why you should read Liar Game! 2011-05-2222 May 2011
3. Skip Beat
 With special guest Krissy "ThatChickWithTheGoggles" Diggs! 2011-05-2929 May 2011
4. Bakuman
 With special guest Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi! 2011-06-055 June 2011
5. Cage of Eden
 Nik and Rollo T discuss Cage of Eden, a shonen psychological manga that seems a bit like LOST, but with a lot more attempted rape. 2011-06-1212 June 2011
6. Fan Service
 With special guest Steveman! 2011-06-1919 June 2011
7. Togari
 Nik and Chris discuss Togari, Bleach, and how to get into a long running manga series! 2011-06-2626 June 2011
8. Gantz
 Nik & Chris debate Gantz, Toriko, and a variety of other topics this week on Weekly Manga Recap! 2011-07-033 July 2011
9. Eyeshield 21
 This week we discuss Eyeshield 21, a manga about American Football that just happens to be Nik's favorite manga ever! 2011-07-1010 July 2011
10. Pandora Hearts
 Nik and Chris discuss Pandora Hearts and (shockingly) have a decent chapter of Bleach to talk about! 2011-07-1717 July 2011
11. Bartender
 Sit back and enjoy a nice glass of bourbon as Nik and Chris talk about a manga where alcohol solves all of your problems: Bartender! 2011-07-2424 July 2011
12. Action-Packed!
 Nik and Chris take on a very interesting week of manga filled to the brim with action! It's like the Expendables, but with spiky hair. 2011-07-3131 July 2011
13. Change 123
 Nik & Chris discuss a manga about love, Kamen Raider, beige panties, and kicking someone's kneecap out. We are, of course, talking about Change 123! 2011-08-077 August 2011
14. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
 With Nik on vacation, Rollo T is joined by special guest JewWario! 2011-08-1414 August 2011
15. Umi no Misaki
 This week Nik & Chris talk about a manga all about boobs and dragons. It's not nearly as interesting as you'd think. 2011-08-2121 August 2011
16. How We'd Fix Bleach
 Nik and Chris look at a question in the Q&A thread about Bleach and extrapolate on the subject. 2011-08-2828 August 2011
17. Addicted to Curry
 Y Ruler of Time and Rollo T discuss a manga all about curry and fighting the mafia, plus Chris rages on this week's Bleach. 2011-09-044 September 2011
18. How We'd Fix Naruto
 While Nik and Chris catch up on the newest manga recommendation they discuss what they'd change about Naruto. Hint: It's Sasuke. 2011-09-1111 September 2011
19. Angel Densetsu
 This week Nik and Chris look at Angel Densetsu, a manga that teaches us that we should never judge a book by its cover, and that everyone in high school can kick your ass. 2011-09-1818 September 2011
20. Great Manga Villains
 Nik and Chris discuss what makes a great villain, and the terror that is super intelligent bears. 2011-09-2525 September 2011
21. Favorite Heroes
 The perfect follow-up to Great Manga Villains. Also: Apocalypse Dragon. 2011-10-022 October 2011
22. Rookies
 Benzaie joins the show this week to discuss Rookies, a manga all about coming of age, finding the drive to escape a life of complacency, and making baseball interesting. 2011-10-099 October 2011
23. Doubt
 Weekly Manga Recap celebrates Halloween with a look at the psychological horror manga: Doubt! 2011-10-1616 October 2011
24. Holyland
 Nik and Chris debate on this realistic street fighting manga, but make up in time to form an awesome WWE tag-team! 2011-10-2323 October 2011
25. Yotsuya Senpai
 In honor of the spookiest day of the year Nik and Chris discuss a manga all about ghost stories. In honor of being wacky, they also discuss how to get Lil' Hordy his own sitcom. 2011-10-3030 October 2011
26. Break Blade
 Nik and Chris discuss this recommended mech title and Chris learns how to settle his expectations of Bleach. It's progress. 2011-11-066 November 2011
27. Side Characters
 Nik and Chris discuss what makes a great supporting cast, and the show gets sponsorship from a major electronics manufacturer! (Not really.) 2011-11-1313 November 2011
28. Ouran Host Club
 In lieu of watching football, Nik and Chris are joined by JesuOtaku to talk about a girly manga all about incredibly attractive men romancing fangirls. Yes, we handed in our man cards. 2011-11-2020 November 2011
29. Vinland Saga
 After a week of discussing reverse harems in a girly manga, Nik and Chris dive into a world of brutal murder, seven foot tall Danish men, and conversations with decapitated heads. And it is awesome. 2011-11-2727 November 2011
30. Sketchbook
 Cooling down from last week, Nik and Chris look at a relaxing manga about the oddities of life told through the eyes of high school girls. Then they get to the pirates, ninjas, and ghost samurai. 2011-12-044 December 2011
31. Q&A
 Nik and Chris discuss the difference in adapting manga to anime, the future of Bleach, and Bluebeard the pirate! 2011-12-1111 December 2011
32. The Breaker
 Nik and Chris take a look at another martial arts manga, but this time it's all about legendary techniques, convenient super medicines, and Alex. Alex, Alex, Alex. Alex. 2011-12-1919 December 2011
33. 2011
 Nik and Chris take a look at all the new manga they read last year, as well as evaluate 2011 as a year of manga. Notable highlights include Apocalypse Dragon, the zombie army defeated by friendship, and MOTHERF#&*@! SASUKE! 2012-01-011 January 2012
34. Time Skips
 For the first episode of 2012 Nik and Chris look at the pros and cons of Time Skips, and Chris shares some MAGFest X stories! 2012-01-088 January 2012
35. The World God Only Knows
 Nik and Chris debate on this parody romance dating sim adventure series. We're pretty sure this is how Dr. King would want us to honor him. 2012-01-1515 January 2012
36. Weekly Jump Alpha
 Nik and Chris debate the future of manga and a new platform for the medium. Then, in traditional WMR spirit, they discuss the insanity of Derp Horse and bouncing underage buttcheeks. 2012-01-2222 January 2012
37. Shin Angyo Onshi
 Nik and Chris take a look at Korean adventure manga based off Korean folklore that sparks debate between the hosts. Also they get to some Q&As. Finally. 2012-01-2929 January 2012
38. Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga
 Nik and Chris discuss a vicious parody of the manga industry, then desperately try to say cripplingly. 2012-02-044 February 2012
39. Q&A Extravaganza!
 In lieu of a manga recommendation to discuss this week, Nik & Chris tackle a series of Q&As from their ever growing collection. Hear about video game to manga adaptations, violence in manga, and the next big show to follow Lil' Hordy! 2012-02-1212 February 2012
40. Sket Dance
 Once again Chris and Nik cross swords in regards to a manga recommendation; this time about the Jump comedy, Sket Dance! They make up when it comes time to talk about the ocean of booze though. 2012-02-1919 February 2012
41. Zippy Ziggy
 This week it's a look at Zippy Ziggy, a manga all about awful people getting caught in zany situations! Then there's plenty of time to debate about Bakuman, Naruto, and more! It's gonna be a good day Tater. 2012-02-2626 February 2012
42. Bitter Virgin
 Nik & Chris take a straight look at a very serious manga about some dark issues. Things lighten up a bit when they talk about robots and Sasuke. 2012-03-044 March 2012
43. Q&A Extravaganza 2
 The Q&A returns! It's like Batman Returns, except neither host pulled off the Catwoman suit very well. 2012-03-1111 March 2012
44. Pretty Face
 This week it's a romance series about a boy who has to dress up as the twin sister of the girl he likes. Sadly there's no Eddie Izzard. There's never any Eddie Izzard... 2012-03-1818 March 2012
45. Fan Shipping
(Part 1, Part 2)
 The Great Debate 2012! Fan shipping, yay or nay? 2012-03-2525 March 2012
46. Rivals
 Nik and Chris stop their April Fool pranks to discuss shonen rivals, Sasakibe's "super sad" funeral, and Mashiro's amazingly pure romance. Why can't you all see how beautiful Mashiro's romance is?! 2012-04-011 April 2012
47. Soul Eater
 Nik and Chris take a look a long running battle manga, then go full throttle when they talk about... other long running battle manga. Don't hate. 2012-04-088 April 2012
48. It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular
 This week the boys are joined by the your friendly neighborhood titlecard artist, Steveman! They discuss It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular, a series popularized by 4Chan! The Bakuman guys must hate this series. 2012-04-1515 April 2012
49. Shingeki no Kyojin
 Place your bets ladies and gentlemen because Nik and Chris are going at it again on this dark "mainstream but not mainstream" action horror manga. Also something happened in Bleach this week. I think. 2012-04-2222 April 2012
50. Bakuman (Retrospective)
 Bakuman has just ended, but Nik and Chris reminisce about the series. Also Chris will make sure to leave the memories alone. 2012-04-2929 April 2012
51. Q&A Extravaganza 3
 It's been a while, but Nik and Chris are back to talk about all the big Jump titles, the return of Dio Brando, and which characters from The Wire Chris would go gay for. You're welcome? 2012-05-066 May 2012
52. Nurarihyon no Mago
 Nik and Chris get into a discussion about this dark battle shonen, and more people lose their arms in Bleach. 2012-05-1212 May 2012
53. Love So Life
 It's the one year anniversary of Weekly Manga Recap and Nik and Chris spend it arguing about... fictional bubbles... Happy birthday WMR! 2012-05-2020 May 2012

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