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wat is a weekly podcast, focused on the dark, obscure side of the Internet. Hosted every Friday by Jason "LordKaT" Pullara and Final_Freek (recorded live late on Friday nights/early Saturday mornings), the aim is to shock and yet entertain viewers with the most obscure, wacky, deranged, and just buttfuck insane material that the Internet has to offer. wat takes a look at the best in these what the fuck moments, the kind of videos you'd look at that haven't been viewed countless number of times. We want the obscure and unknown, the typical late-night, can't-sleep, "ooh, what's this?"-kind of deal.

Just be warned.

If your travels have brought you to the edge of internet, and you want to share your experience of... wat? you can add links to:

Episode list

# Episode name Details Date
0.1. Pilot
(Part 1, Part 2)
 The first "beta" episode. 2011-12-077 December 2011
0.2. Beta 2.0
 The second "beta" episode. 2011-12-1313 December 2011
1. Wet Socks
 The first "official" episode. 2011-12-1717 December 2011
2. Merry Mindfuck!
 Christmas crazy! 2011-12-2424 December 2011
3. New Year's Cold
 Ringing in the new year with wacky. 2011-12-3131 December 2011
4. Cock Vore
 More mindfuckery. 2012-01-1414 January 2012
5. Wat's Up?
(1, 2)
 Havin' some fun with the vidyas. 2012-01-2121 January 2012
6. Epic Hippie Guy
 New ideas for snacks and more! 2012-02-044 February 2012
7. 02/11/12
 Step inside the wacky. 2012-02-1111 February 2012
8. The M is for Miley
 We have a new friend. 2012-02-1818 February 2012
9. 02/25/12
 Have you succumbed to the madness yet? 2012-02-2525 February 2012
10. 03/03/12
 You're not ready for this. 2012-03-033 March 2012
11. 03/10/12
 wat wat wat wat wat. 2012-03-1010 March 2012
12. 03/17/12
 Fish fight! 2012-03-1717 March 2012


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