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You are viewing the LordKaT wiki which covers content featured in LordKaT's stream. Feel free to edit this wiki in a constructive manner.
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Regular NeonLight is a
of the LordKaT IRC
Regular NeonLight is in the
LordKaT Mafia
Steam Group
Qatar NeonLight is the
representative of Qatar in
United Nations of Lord Kat
Editor NeonLight is an
of the LordKaT Wiki

Lordkat Stream

((Not to be mistaken with ArcLight, NeonLight's much more popular and egotistic doppelganger))

Neon's been a follower of LK since the glory days of God Door, and has seen a lot more than would drive most insane. You may never hear him, but that's because he's not typing, he's standing right behind you, watching you always...

NeonLight is one of several Texans in the chat, and a proud Fightin' Texas Aggie.

Team Fortress

Neon has played Team Fortress for several years, on and off, playing multiple classes and never really mastering one. Kill him as a Heavy, watch out for a Spy. Showing up on the server, he'll dip in and out.

Starcraft II

Neon is one of the main Starcraft players in the Mafia, starting up the main SCII group for the team. Join in on the fun at The Koprulu Mafia.[1]

Protoss is his main race, because Brotoss is the only way to roll, and is currently a Silver league player. He mostly plays Custom Games because rules are for babies.

NeonLight has taken up the mantle of being the unofficially official Starcraft 2 caster for the Lordkat Mafia. Most of the casts can be professional games, but he prefers casting games from lower league players.

Youtube: 1NeonLight on YouTube 1NeonLight on

Send replays to

Name: Neonlight

Code: 779

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