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Voice Mooders is a
of the LordKaT IRC
Underlord Mooders is an
of the LordKaT Mafia TF2 Server
Editor Mooders is an
of the LordKaT Wiki

The man, the myth, the pee soaked.

Team Fortress 2

Mooders often being a spy is often subject to jarate (sniper pee) being thrown on him. This being the case he is the subject of 2 steam groups the Throw Pee On Mooders group and the self-started The Don't Throw Pee on Mooders Foundation.

Be warned that if you throw pee on him then he'll "break your legs. :)"

Mooders' Name Spammed in the Chat.

LK sometimes spams his name in the stream and the chat likes to join in.

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