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LordKaT Eats

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O jeez...

LordKaT Eats is a show where Jason "LordKaT" Pullara eats exotic and sometimes downright disgusting foods with various results. Jason will then air his opinions on the "food" he has just consumed, and attempt to approximate the taste to his viewers.

The segment started off as "Bad Movie Foods", and one of his episodes involved him trying the Twinkie-Wiener Sandwich that Weird Al Yankovic prepared in the movie UHF. From that point, he went more general, and after seeing Brad Jones try his drink-tasting segment, a friendly competition ensued, with Jason introducing "LordKaT Eats."

Episode list

# Episode name Details Date
0. Cool as Ice Sardine Sandwich
 Under the old name "Bad Movie Foods" (#1) 2009-10-2828 October 2009
1. Twinkie-Wiener Sandwich
 Under the old name "Bad Movie Foods" (#2) 2009-11-044 November 2009
2. Wendy's Triple Baconator
  2009-12-1818 December 2009
3. Jelly Grass & Durian Fruit
  2010-06-022 June 2010
4. Grasshopper
  2010-06-1010 June 2010
5. Chinatown
  2010-06-1818 June 2010
6. MRE Cheese Omlette
 Special thanks to the Critical Marine for sending me these MRE's 2010-06-2323 June 2010
7. Balut
  2010-06-2424 June 2010
8. Pigs Blood
 Not listed on the site 2010-07-011 July 2010
9. Norway
 Special thanks to Osse at the stream for the donation! 2010-07-099 July 2010
10. Bull Penis
  2010-07-2121 July 2010
11. Korean Market
  2010-08-066 August 2010
12. Milkis
 With guest stars Paw Dugan and Pushing Up Roses 2010-08-1818 August 2010
13. Scrapple
  2010-08-2020 August 2010
14. Haggis
 Not listed on the site 2010-08-2626 August 2010
15. Canned Haggis
 Special thanks to JewWario for sending in the can. 2010-09-2525 September 2010
16. Surströmming
 Special thanks to Osse at the stream for the donation! 2010-10-099 October 2010
17. The Netherlands
 Special thanks to Taurevanime! 2011-01-1717 January 2011
18. Supermarket Sushi
  2011-02-022 February 2011
19. Souper Meal!
 Quickie LKE, with guest star PawDugan. 2011-02-099 February 2011
20. Norway Part To
 Osse sends some more of Norway's finest chocolate selections to LordKaT. 2011-02-1313 February 2011
21. Astronaut Ice Cream
 Thanks to SteveJones313 for donating this! 2011-02-2222 February 2011
22. Hungryman Pub Favorites
  2011-02-2626 February 2011
23. Continental First Class
 From memory since he was not allowed to record while in the plane. 2011-03-011 March 2011
24. The Fullbar
 Not listed on the site 2011-04-1212 April 2011
25. Japanese Candy
 Not listed on the site 2011-04-1818 April 2011
26. Dehydrated Cheesy Lasagna
 Not listed on the site 2012-01-099 January 2012
27. Dehydrated Chili Macaroni
 Not listed on the site 2012-01-1010 January 2012
28. Dehydrated Savoury Stroganoff
 Not listed on the site 2012-01-1212 January 2012
29. Dehydrated Alfredo Pasta
 Not listed on the site 2012-01-1414 January 2012
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