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Voice Candygoblin is a
of the LordKaT IRC
the_United_Kingdom Candygoblin is the
representative of United Kingdom in
United Nations of Lord Kat
Editor Candygoblin is an
of the LordKaT Wiki


Candygoblin was in the running to be on The Tester but lost out to 8-bit Mickey in the voting, and was later not picked from the remaining userbase by Sony to be on The Tester because Sony doesn't know how to choose people and chose Big Fazoozle instead.

Candygoblin also loves changing hair styles and wearing many kinds of kitty ears. She's also a very dedicated, smart and hard working independent girl. She's also a shameless flirt! <3

On weekend nights and nights she's free, Candygoblin likes to play the game Dirty Minds, where a group of friends try to figure out riddles with sexual innuendos about everyday things. Sometimes, she loves to get friends and folks from the chat on Skype to play and have a great time.


Byanmbeee. -candygoblin
Vag Butter. :3 -candygoblin
I'll skullfuck you~ <3 . -candygoblin
Is that a midget? -candygoblin
Gosh my ass hurts! -candygoblin

Candygoblin Gallery!

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