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Regular BillyGoat120 is a
of the LordKaT IRC

BillyGoat120 is a frequent local to the LordKat Stream irc chat. He usually is making references to video games, internet memes;shows;and sites, and other miscellaneous things.....unfortunately it usually ends up not being funny or just leaves other people confused.


Origin of Name

The name originally go back to his beginnings on Youtube. Whilst trying to figure out a username for his account, an idea struck him. When puberty hit him, he grew facial hair like most other men....but unlike most other men, his beard grew in a way that was not normal. His beard grew mostly under his chin and on his neck. Because of this,most of his school life,his fellow classmates would call him names like billy goat or billy goat beard. Ultimately, this became part of his identity and he learned to accept it. So, when it came time to figure out a name for his account that his friends and others that knew him would recognize,the answer was obvious. And from that day forward, whenever he need a name for an account, he knew just what to choose.


Whenever he choose an icon, he usually goes for either a satyr,goatman, or something similar.


Champions Online

BillyGoat is a frequent player of Champions Online. He is a bit of an altoholic. The character he is best known for is Linkara.

Team Fortress 2

BillyGoat's Favorite class is Scout,but he is best at Demoman and Pyro.

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