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World of Warcraft/Raid Groups

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This is a list of static raid groups for use on the world of Warcraft calendar. If you want to be added to a raid group, e-mail or message an officer in the guild chat.

Group 1

Availability: Sunday, Monday

Player Character Class Main Spec Off Spec
LordKaT Bomarchrist Mage Ranged DPS
Traithor Traithor Paladin Tank
Trane Kithra Mage Ranged DPS
Orgoth Zalelah Priest Ranged DPS Healer
Orgoth Bazbere Warrior Tank Melee DPS
zerot23 GenericDK Death Knight Tank Melee DPS
Xanaboy Xanaboy Death Knight Melee DPS
Final Freek Final Freek Warlock Ranged DPS Ranged DPS
Rollo T IrishKarBomb Priest Healer Ranged DPS
Bellyria Bellyriaa Priest Healer

Potential Lineup

Tank 1: GenericDK

Tank 2: Traithor

Tank 3: ???

Healer 1: Zalelah

Healer 2: Bellyriaa

Healer 3: IrishKarBomb

DPS 1: Bomarchrist

DPS 2: Kithra

DPS 3: Xanaboy

DPS 4: Final Freek

DPS 5: ???

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