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The Festivus Miracle Encounter

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On the night of Festivus (December 23), 2010, an event began which would launch LordKaT to internet and gaming stardom, for about eight hours at least. He came into direct contact with a mysterious Saudi terrorist by the name of Mr. Commodore.

(Wait, I thought he was Russian? ... Spooky.)

Mr. Commodore had earlier hacked into every internet possession of Tester Season 2 contestant Big Fazeek. He used this control to stroll through his Twitter, trolling the trolling troll, making sure he paid the toll. Oh woe for the troll. This was much to the delight of the good boys and girls of the world, such as Candygoblin and the man with nine names. As a matter of fact, they joined the Skype chat, as did Mr. Commodore himself.

After much deliberation and berating of Big Fazeek, a small troll by the name of Spinout offered to introduce him to the discussion. After further deliberation, they decided to try it, and lo and behold, Fazeek was there!

What come from this was five hours of pure comedy, and LordKaT's stream became known that day as the place where everyone learned Fazeek was not a troll playing a part, but rather a true schizophrenic maniac. There was much laughing at his expense, much yelling at him, and much waking up of his fake 6-year-old daughter. Finally, LordKaT, the honorable ranger, stood up to Fazeek and vanquished him.

The people rejoiced! LordKaT, Horror, ArcLight (who got in quite a few stinging jabs himself), and Mr. Commodore were hailed as heroes! CandyGoblin and the man with nine names were vindicated! Finally, after over 24 hours of being awake, LordKaT was able to sleep; and there was much rejoicing.

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!


To clarify, replying to recent murmurings of confusion as to the point of HateDick (the video that embodies this event) - this entire event was not intended to make fun of Big Fazeek, Greg D'Agostino, The Tester, or any other elements of the show, the man, or anyone else. It was meant to be a medium between Fazeek and Candygoblin, both of whom had tremendous problems with each other; the former having made threats and disparaging remarks against the latter.

And, of course, it devolved into HateDick. But please be aware this wasn't meant to antagonize or make fun of Big Fazeek.

LordKaT's First Explosion

YouTube Highlight - LORDKAT SMASH! - "LordKaT lays down the law" (Big Fazeek flagged this clip, so you need a YouTube account to view it.)
Fazeek: (To CandyGoblin) Get off the phone, you f---ing dirty b----!

LordKaT: Oh, whoa whoa, easy. Calm down, guys.

Fazeek: (To CandyGoblin) I'm f---ing sick of your s---.

LordKaT: Ey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. This is my stream.

Fazeek: (unintelligable)

LordKaT: Hey, Greg, shut your f---ing mouth, Greg. This is my stream. You will act civil or you will be f---ing gone.

Fazeek: I don't want to hear her.

LordKaT: I don't wanna hear you right now. Shut your f---ing mouth, you whore! SHUT YOUR F---ING MOUTH!!! THIS IS MY SITE!!! YOU SHOW MY FRIENDS RESPECT!!! YOU SHUT YOUR F---ING MOUTH!!!

ArcLight: (laughs)

LordKaT: Stupid piece of s---!

Horror: All right. Everybody please calm down. Okay, we're gonna go back to the normal, calm state.


Fazeek: Is that to me?

LordKaT: That was right to you! How many times do I have to say Greg? Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg. Greg shut your f---ing mouth.


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