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Shadowland campaign

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Shadowland Campaign

The Shadowland campaign is a Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition campaign, with MechaGM as Dungeon Master. The current roster consists of ArcLight, Final Freek, Rollo T, SonikGav, and Y Ruler of Time.

The Shadowland campaign background can be read at Google Docs.

The campaign uses MapTool by RPTools.

The campaign is currently on hiatus following the departure of Rollo T and Final Freek as explained in MechaGM's blog post.



Edit character stats here.
Player Character Race Class Level STR CON DEX INT WIS CHA Status
 !!Player  !!Portrait  !!Character  !!Race  !!Class 999 999 999 999 999 999 999  !!Active

MechaGM !!!Dungeon Master Dungeon Master Deity DM 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 Active
Rollo T Canna CorbettCanna Corbett Canna Corbett
Edit Stats · Edit Character
Human Avenger 7 13 12 16 10 19 8 Active
Y Ruler of Time Darek CorbettDarek Corbett Darek Corbett
Edit Stats · Edit Character
Human Artificer 7 10 12 12 19 17 8 Active
ArcLight Dahlia FosterDahlia Foster Dahlia Foster
Edit Stats · Edit Character
Half-Elf Battlemind 7 13 20 13 8 16 11 Active
SonikGav Serriah GraythSerriah Grayth Serriah Grayth
Edit Stats · Edit Character
Elf Seeker/Ranger Hybrid 7 10 12 19 8 19 12 Active
Final Freek ZelasZelas Zelas
Edit Stats · Edit Character
Drow Thief 7 10 11 21 8 10 17 Active
Sable SwiftSwift Swift
Edit Stats · Edit Character
Orc Thief 1 11 10 20 10 10 14 Inactive
~~Player ~~Portrait ~~Character ~~Race ~~Class -8 -8 -8 -8 -8 -8 -8 ~~Active


List of important NPCs in Shadowlands


List of important Locations in Shadowlands


# Date Title Pic Details Link Run Scene Scene
01 2012-03-31 Chapter 1
In the Beginning
Swift is a douche by ThatDMan Darkness across the land, only a chosen few have any hope of letting the light shine once more. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 5:12:43 Canna kick by Raxes Canna by Mexrage
02 2012-04-08 Chapter 2
We Have To Go Deeper
Bloody Canna by ThatDMan Dicing with death, the group end up in some pretty hot soup. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 4:01:59 Cursed soup by Raxes Darek as engineer by AntagonistGB
03 2012-04-15 Chapter 3
Take the shot! by Kluu As one party member makes a Swift exit, a new ally is found. The mission continues. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 4:20:53 Nice shot! by Raxes Zelas by EriksBlue
04 2012-04-22 Chapter 4
Enchanting Dahlia's Sword by BlueCoati Our heroes start to look into a drug ring in Westgate. Chapter 4
3:28:50 Cask'n Flagon by NeoChick Canna the lumberjill by MrAtoni
05 2012-04-29 Chapter 5
Confrontation by Neochick Our heroes finish off the Drug Cartel and go to investigate some mysterious raiders to the southeast of Westgate. Chapter 5
06 2012-05-06 Chapter 6
Road to Ruin
Canna Cigarette by Thatdman Our heroes investigate the ruins the Hobgoblin raiding party was exploring and find new and dangerous foes. Chapter 6
3:42:45 Hobgoblin Elementalist by BlueCoati
07 2012-05-12 Chapter 7
Going Bankai
Cannapachi by Kluu Our heroes fight off mysterious attackers from the Feywild and find out some unsettling information. Chapter 7
4:06:30 Glyssa by Darkvolt
08 2012-05-20 Chapter 8
The Primordial Cult
More Bats by Thatdman Our heroes set out to investigate the Primordial cult. Also, one of Darek's magic experiments might have unforseen consequences. Chapter 8
09 2012-05-27 Chapter 9
A Difficult Decision
Zelas Charge by Thatdman The party continues to explore the caverns and deal with the hobgoblin primordial cult. Then they are faced with a difficult decision. Chapter 9
4:00:32 Meh by BlueCoati Who are they by NeoChick
10 2012-06-03 Chapter 10
An Equestrian Strike
Worst news ever by NeoChick The party returns to Westgate with their report, and then link up with a Drow army to assault the Hobgoblin Cultist's army. Chapter 10
4:05:31 Female Bugbear by DarkVolt
11 2012-06-10 Chapter 11
The Adorable Artificer
Xellia by Thatdman This week our heroes confront the leader of the Primordial cult, the most dangerous foe they have met yet. Then they return to Westgate to report back. Chapter 11
4:01:16 Promises 1 by NeoChick Promises 11 by NeoChick
12 2012-06-17 Chapter 12
A Lost Temple
Make me pretty by Kluu Our heroes set forth for Welgard, a town to the north of Westgate. En route, the come across a mysterious stranger with knowledge of a lost temple of Morradin's. Chapter 12
3:21:21 Vaarsath the EverBlack by DarkVolt
13 2012-06-24 Chapter 13
The Colors of Death
Vaarsath the EverBlack by Thatdman The party fights the dreadful foe that is Varsaath Everblack. Afterwards, they travel towards Welgard and eventually arrive. Chapter 13
14 2012-07-01 Chapter 14
Blood on the Lips
Kiss with a fist by Kluu Our heroes discover the darkness behind the festival in Welgard and have to fight their way out of a deadly situation. Chapter 14
4:09:38 Serriah's Nightmare by NeoChick Dahlia's Nightmare by NeoChick
15 2012-07-08 Chapter 15
Escape into the Catacombs
Kiel Raulhausen by BlueCoati The party escapes from Lady Khairissa's palace into the catacombs beneath Welgard. There they meet someone from their past. Chapter 15
4:15:06 Closing Time by NeoChick Date Night by ThatDman
16 2012-07-15 Chapter 16
We're Back!
Serriah by Thatdman This week the party investigates various leads within Westgate. And a mysterious group reveals their return. Chapter 16
17 2012-07-22 Chapter 17
Legion of (Motherfucking) Spiders
Be careful who you tell your secrets to by Muffin The party heads out towards Welgard. After dealing with some attackers from the Feywild, they meet up with an old foe and discover something was afoot in Welgard. Chapter 17
4:44:18 Running of the Wolves by Neochick Dahlia by Thatdman
18 2012-07-29 Chapter 18
Stoking the Embers
First Kiss by Neochick The party arrives in Winterhaven with a plan to meet with Lord Jadeis. They also investigate what his plans might be, and possible ways to deal with Varsaath Everblack. Chapter 18
4:01:52 All in one turn by ThatDman Sten by Ginky
19 2012-08-05 Chapter 19
Sticks and Stones
Delicious Cheese by Kluu This week our heroes turn to the Queen of the Winter Court for help in dealing with Dahlia's affliction. Chapter 19
4:19:12 Otyugh Overkill by Neochick Winter Queen by Muffin
20 2012-08-19 Chapter 20
Return to the Winter Court
Downtime by Neochick This session the party returns to the Winter Court with the crystal from the Hag Queen's cursed cave. Serriah learns something she did not expect and Zelas makes a deal. Chapter 20
4:27:30 Adorable Fluffy by BlueCoati
21 2012-08-26 Chapter 21
Seeking The Temple of Sehanine
Saving Babies and taking names by Kluu The party returns from the Feywild and head out for Eastgate to look for signs of Lord Jadeis and information on the location of the abandoned temple of Sehanine. Chapter 21
4:01:02 Saving Winterhaven by Neochick Strip Poker by Neochick
22 2012-09-02 Chapter 22
The Scepter of Sehanine
Body Swap Fun by Neochick This session our heroes finally get the Scepter of Sehanine, but there are... complications. Chapter 22
23 2012-09-09 Chapter 23
Kiel Over
Vaarsath the Sock Puppet by DarkVolt The party confronts Kiel Ralhausen again, see something unexpected and are captured by the Eastgate City Watch. Chapter 23
24 2012-09-22 Chapter 24
The Last Relic
This week our heroes head to the tower of the lich Khaleed Vexis where they hope to find the last relic they need to deal with Varsaath Everblack. There they find some strange new foes. Chapter 24
25 2012-09-30 Chapter 25
Varsaath's Plan
Our heroes rush back to the Winter Court to deal with Varsaath once and for all... but Varsaath had no plans to go down without a fight. This is the campaign "season" finale. Chapter 25


Player Character Lineup by Ginky

Player Character Lineup by DarkVolt







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