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PreWick campaign

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PreWick Campaign

The PreWick campaign is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, set as a prequel to the Wyrmwick campaign, with LordKaT as Dungeon Master.

The current roster consists of ArcLight, MechaGM, Rollo T, Sable, SonikGav and Y Ruler of Time.



Edit character stats here.
Player Character Race Class Level STR CON DEX INT WIS CHA Status
 !!Player  !!Portrait  !!Character  !!Race  !!Class 999 999 999 999 999 999 999  !!Active

LordKaT !!!Dungeon MasterLordKaT Dungeon Master Deity DM 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 Inactive
MechaGM Caeranne BladewalkerCaeranne Bladewalker Caeranne Bladewalker
Edit Stats · Edit Character
Eladrin Swordmage 2 10 16 10 18 10 14 Inactive
SonikGav DrychaDrycha Drycha
Edit Stats · Edit Character
Wood Elf Seeker\Ranger 2 16 14 20 11 18 13 Inactive
ArcLight Elexis MoreauElexis Moreau Elexis Moreau
Edit Stats · Edit Character
Genasi Warlord 2 20 11 10 16 8 10 Inactive
Sable Fardraig CulhwchFardraig Culhwch Fardraig Culhwch
Edit Stats · Edit Character
Human Fighter 2 20 11 14 10 10 8 Inactive
Y Ruler of Time Han NiudaoHan Niudao Han Niudao
Edit Stats · Edit Character
Human Monk 2 12 12 18 10 16 8 Inactive
Rollo T Vega CruzVega Cruz Vega Cruz
Edit Stats · Edit Character
Half-Elf Warpriest 2 10 16 10 8 20 11 Inactive
WordOnTheWind Lassela KarnakLassela Karnak Lassela Karnak
Edit Stats · Edit Character
Human Fighter 1 20 14 8 12 16 13 Inactive
~~Player ~~Portrait ~~Character ~~Race ~~Class -8 -8 -8 -8 -8 -8 -8 ~~Active



Map of PreWick world


# Date Title Pic Details Link Run Scene Scene
01 2012-02-19 Chapter 1
It All Begins Again
(Not) Captain Vegeta by DarkVolt A mission! A long journey on a boat transporting prisoners. By the way, what's your name? 3:53:23 What's your name? by ThatDMan Bomar go home? by Scimew
02 2012-02-26 Chapter 2
Fire Water Salsa Burn
Vega does the Salsa by ThatDMan New recruits, familiar faces, drinking and fire...lots and LOTS of fire! 3:48:05 The shadowy figure by DarkVolt Undead Goblin by ThatDMan
03 2012-03-04 Chapter 3
Bake to the Future
Mayor Bomar by RageBird A battle with drakes, is Han the key to victory? Time travel? Religious visions? Changes are coming, some sooner than you think. 4:22:15 Stay with me damnit! by DarkVolt Drake noms on corpse by ThatDMan
04 2012-03-11 Chapter 4
Mice bread
Elexis by DarkVolt A new companion, sex changes, crossing rivers and more Bomar bread. 3:48:24 Mouse Bread by Ragebird Elexis by ThatDMan
05 2012-03-18 Chapter 5
Chalk and Cheese
Singing Chalk Pixie by Scimew A deadly force, trapped for countless years is unleashed on the world. 3:14:49 Flying Bomar by Ragebird Skin Monster by ThatDMan


Player Character Lineup by DarkVolt






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