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Obscurus Lupa

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TGWTG Obscurus Lupa is a
contributor from That Guy With The Glasses

Usually popping in the stream late at night if others are around, Allison "Obscurus Lupa" Pregler (loosely translated from Latin as "dark wolf") is a movie reviewer, focusing on Z-grade horror and martial arts flicks.

Lupa made herself known on the TGWTG forums, one of her most popular segments being a 4-part series of reviews focusing on amateur martial arts actor Cynthia Rothrock. After numerous pages of reviews, comments, and compliments, she seemed to have dropped off for awhile; suddenly though, on an episode of the TGWTG podcast Transmission Awesome, it was revealed she had made it on the site, to the delight of her old fans who had stuck by for quite a while. On top of doing general reviews, she has done short mockings of Z-grade trailers, and hosted a short review segment named the Sci-Fi Original Movie Double Feature.

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