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DnD MechaGM is a
D&D player.
Regular MechaGM is a
of the LordKaT IRC
Regular MechaGM is in the
LordKaT Mafia
Steam Group
Editor MechaGM is an
of the LordKaT Wiki

MechaGM is a long-time tabletop gamer who has futzed around with more systems than he really would care to admit. He is the gamemaster in several face-to-face games with his local gaming buddies.

Due to years of playing table-top war games (and primarily because he spent years playing Star Fleet Battles) he tries to make sure he is as knowledgeable about the rules of the games he plays, even if he plans on ignoring them in a game he is currently running.

As a long-time GM/DM, MechaGM has picked up more than a few tricks for running games, and is always happy to talk about how he runs games and is more that willing to give advice if asked for it.

MechaGM is also an avid fan of all the Boston-area sports teams. He co-hosts the offseason episodes of Turducken is Tasty and owns the New Avalon Marauders of the Turducken Is Tasty Baseball League


LordKaT Mafia Dungeons and Dragons

Living Forgotten Realms

MechaGM runs several Living Forgotten Realms games with players from the LordKaT Mafia. For more information, including sign-ups, please go to the LordKaT Mafia Living Forgotten Realms Page

Living Forgotten Realms games are streamed on MechaGM's Twitch TV channel. Check this schedule for broadcast times.

Shadowland campaign

Main Article: Shadowland campaign

While LordKaT's PreWick campaign is on hiatus, MechaGM is running a campaign of his own on at the regular D&D time, based on a setting of his own design. It is set 50 years after the Drow conquered most of the known world.

As a player

He played in Skitch's Haverthorne campaign as the Bard Corwyn Haverkin. More recently, he played Caeranne Bladewalker in the Wyrmwick prequel campaign

Other Tabletop Gaming

Current Favorite RPG Systems

(in alphabetical order)

 Amber Diceless RPG
 Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition
 Feng Shui, the Action Movie RPG
 HERO System 5th Edition (primarily for Champions)


 Steam ID: MechaGM
 LK Live IRC: MechaGM
 Skype: MechaGM


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