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Dungeons and Dragons
Deathklok campaign

Player: LordKaT
Class: Ranger
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Level: 5
Weapon(s): ?
Character Sheet
10 STR
11 CON
21 DEX
11 INT
14 WIS
10 CHA
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Grae is a human Ranger played by none other than Jason LordKaT Pullara. Originally a part of the campaign as Jonn the Barbarian, his death prompted Jason to create the sly trickster Grae. He favors the archer style of fighting, but keeps a battleaxe on standby if ever he need go melee. He generally keeps his face hidden, wearing a cloak to cover his head and keep his face in shadow. He has a deep hatred for elves, prompted by the death of his parents, and isn't afraid to say so; he especially was suspicious of newcomer Lilea, their elven Cleric, at first. Grae himself has quite an odd personality, mirroring his players' own, and as LordKaT often blurs the line between the game world and the real world when formulating strategies, including the infamous Flaming Bedroll.

Pre-Campaign Backstory

Grae's parents were apparently murdered by elves, and because of this, he holds a deep-seated hatred for all elves.

Albeit the only thing publicly announced to his less-than-trusted party members, is that his parents and his dog Pongo were brutally and murdered.

He led his life to avenge their death and in doing so, learn Elven, only to kill the Elves.

Campaign History

General Overview

Scorpion Queen Campaign

Ihestas Investigation

Was the vermin lord slayer, with a well aimed twin strike.

Witch Queen Escort

Grae, along with the party, helped a pair of elves fight off the orcish attack. The elves turned out to be diplomats from the Witch Queen, one being Lord Escalion, and the other, Tamier, his squire. Grae did not like them, for their race, and also for their attitudes. They were very haughty and arrogant, openly insulting the way the roads are guarded. They party decided to help escort the elves to the city of Sarmanath, but Grae remained hostile towards the elves all the way to the city, displaying a sort of no-nonsense, almost vigilante-esque, attitude towards the situation.

Escape From Sarmanath

Grae wasn't particularly involved with the escape following the Witch Queen's betrayal, being drunk in a bar due to him wanting nothing to do with the elves. Instead, what happened was that news of what happened in the throne room spread throughout the city, causing unrest and weariness. Already being drunk and angry, Grae blamed the unrest on the elves, saying that the kingdom should go to war with them and that all elves in the kingdom should have their ears clipped. Seeing a couple of half-elves in the bar, he spread his anger towards a couple of guards resting at the bar, and commanded they apprehend the half-elves for security reasons. The guards, in their fervor, beat the half-elves and dragged them away.

Later, he was transported to the mysterious realm of the wheelman, and after asking where he was, the party was sent off to Logwyn, on their quest to save the king.

Race for The Word of Morgana

Wedding Crashing

On Lord Vane II's alarming information that Princess Elana and Talbot, one of their strongest foes, were to marry, Grae and the rest of the party discussed several options as to how to get inside the castle and stop the wedding. If they failed, Talbot would be king and would rule as a tyrant, ruining and scarring Sarmanath for ages.

Grae, ever the one with an evil streak, volunteered to march on Sarmanath and "kill everything inside". Eventually it was decided that Darstine would employ a spell out of the Word of Morgana - at great cost to her potential well-being - and open a dimensional portal into King Donovan's throne room, where the wedding was being held. While the rest, particularly Garret and Juliet, were discussing how to handle the conscription of elite guards, Grae was hatching a plan that would go down in campaign history and define LordKaT's character for many a session...

As Garret, Grae, and Viktor rushed on in, Garret tried to be diplomatic with the guards and buy the party the full minute needed for Lord Vane II to cast the spell that would reverse King Donovan's curse. Recognizing that the guards wanted nothing to do with the Bard, Grae suddenly tossed an oil-doused flaming bedroll inside the room. While it missed its intended target - a mage at the other end of the chamber - it set ablaze the carpet in front of the door into the chamber, blocking out new waves of guards from entering the chamber from the south entrance. As LordKaT would remark at the end of the session, "It was a really good strategy...!"

As the fight went on, round after round passing with increasing tension - Joe's and Darstine's spells could not be interrupted for any reason or the plan would completely fail - the party heard Elana's cries for help, with Talbot whisking her back out of the room, to follow with a punctual and loud slap to her face. Grae, who had up to now seemed to care little of the lives of anyone outside his party members, heard this and hatred immediately flared against Talbot, wishing him to be cursed the same way as Donovan, to the chagrin of his party.

Miraculously, the plan succeeded. King Donovan having been freed, he followed the group up to the Princess' study, an exhausted Grae taking point but falling back slightly. The group encountered Talbot about to kill Elana, his plan having been foiled for one time too many. However, this was never carried out - the arrival of Donovan, and a heroic offense by Lord Vane II, Juliet, and Viktor defeated the treacherous Talbot and spared the life of Elana.

Quest to the Infernal Plane

King Donovan thanked the group for their efforts, not too fazed about Grae's attempted arson of his throne room, and set them off, with one condition: to take along a cleric of Corellon named Lilea (played by the pun mistress Iron Liz). Her elven features raised an alarm with Grae almost immediately, calling her "elf girl" disparagingly; after she remarked that "she had a name too", he growled to her, "so did my parents." It would take many a day for Grae to build a respect towards Lilea.

The party's next objective was to find a gem in the Infernal Planes which would create a new catalyst for Morgana's curse, ridding Darstine's soul of the lich's mark on her. Their journey was cut short when the farmlands they passed through north of Sarmanath was a prison stronghold led by a small group of elves and Warforged soldiers.

At this point, it was revealed that Grae, as with the situation with Princess Elana, seemed to give particular care for the well-being of children, as revealed when he mistakenly assumed the prisoners were much younger than they turned out to be. Whether this was brought on by the elven attack and its potential parallel to Grae's history, we may never know...

Grae witnessed Garret falling into his trance in the farmlands, and he, Darstine, and Juliet (and later Viktor, with some animosity between the druid and fighter) discussed matters of burial of the fallen human farmers, and of Garret's trance and Scorpion Queen-influenced message of warning. The party camped for the night on Juliet's suggestion, and on Grae's and Darstine's watch, Grae heard large arrows fly through the air. Not much later, they and the rest of the party found themselves captive by a scouting group led by none other than Tamier, the squire of Lord Escalion. Not one to be fazed easily, he revealed no fear against Tamier, christening the high elf "Tammy" and questioning why "they hated us so much" almost casually.

Before the rest of the party went to sleep under horrendously numerous watchful eyes, Grae asked one of the guards if he could take a bathroom break, while silently nodding to Garret to follow him. The two had a quick discussion of tactics needed after Darstine was de-cursed, as Tamier's army was bound to stick with them through this entire ordeal, for better or worse. The guard who followed them apparently knew no Common, and did not report their words to Tamier.

Inside the actual planes, Grae noticed quickly his lack of endurance (both in-character and out-of-character on his skill sheet) would be a humongous detriment in lands where the average temperature was above the century mark. Making their way down underground to a long hallway, they came across a large room, whereby the party could hear laughter.

At this, Grae employed a strategy the group was all too familiar with - the infamous Flaming Bedroll. This time, the group was much more willing to let this strategy go forward, as the room ahead of them was covered in thick webbing. A satisfying shriek from the room after Viktor closed the door on the conflagrant webs gave the party (and Grae especially) heart... until it was revealed that these foes could turn incorporeal.

Two Dimensional Ravagers and a small legion of reality-warping spiders accosted the group. Grae whipped out his battleaxe and attacked one of the spiders... only for it to sense the attack and teleport the Ranger into the room he had set ablaze. The good news was, the room was no longer on fire. The bad news... two angry Ettercap Fang Guards were there to meet him, and one of them in particular was very eager to beat him senseless, getting extraordinarily close to killing him.

However, Viktor and Garret managed to end up in the room as well, by the actions of the Dimensional Ravagers. While Viktor attracted the attentions of the voracious Guard and Garret threw heals his way, Grae backed up, nocked two arrows, and delivered a staggering amount of damage to the Fang Guard that had given him so much trouble. Eventually, the group took all the enemies down.

Key Campaign Moments

Combat - Heroic

  1. On the Brink of Death - In the battle in the Infernal Planes against the Ettercap Fang Guards, one particularly voracious Guard gave Grae a savage beating, rendering him to extremely meager amounts of HP (staying alive only because of Garret's temporary hit points). Able to step back once due to Garret's Healing Word and another by a move action, Grae decided to nock back two arrows and lay down two max hits in one turn - one of them due to a crit - dealing 27 damage and allowing the rest of the party to finish it off, sparing Grae's life.

Combat - Comedic

Dungeons & Dragons comic
Seemed like a good idea
  1. Fuck Yeah! Who's The Ranger Now? - Killing Verrekreth with a twin strike during the Ihestas Investigation quest while Lord Commander Vane was fighting it "like men." This lead to the infamous "D&D Freakout".
  2. It's A Good Strategy! - During the attempt to free the King from his amber prison, Grae, in his infinite wisdom, suggested lighting his bedroll on fire and throwing it through the portal they were using to infiltrate the castle. He did exactly that... and failed to hit anything with it. [Note: The resulting fire did prevent more soldiers entering the throne room later in the battle that followed, so it wasn't a total failure]
  3. It's A Really Good Strategy! - While scouting out a room, Grae discovered it was full of spider webs. Viktor held the door open allowing Grae to enact his signature strategy of throwing a flaming bed roll into the room. This proved more sensible, although completely pointless as all the creatures inside the room teleported into the other room where the rest of the party was.

Non-Combat - Comedic

LordKaT, already a very strange and enigmatic guy in real life, doesn't let D&D stop his own brand of humor from permeating the game and his Ranger. As such:

  1. Are We On Fire? - Due to extreme paranoia and upon seeing orange light through a window in the morning, Grae immediately suspected the building was aflame. (actually, that was Jonn, the Barbarian that wasn't as dumb as he thought he was)
  2. What's Going on, Sweetie? - In the party that was held after the Scorpion Queen was slain, Garret was approached by Princess Alena, who seemed rather taken by the Bard. Garret wasn't quite as willing to return her attention/affection, and in a moment of perplexing awkwardness, Grae walked over, and planted a kiss on Garret infront of the Princess. Needless to say, she wasn't quite happy about that, but it did prevent Garret from being pursued by the underaged princess.
  3. Death to the Elves! - Grae, not having participated in the first throneroom battle, instead having elected to drink the night away in a local bar, heard of the Witch Queen's betrayal, and being (supposedly) very drunk, nearly incited a riot against all elves and half-elves in Sarmanath, suggesting to clip their ears. This event has been dubbed the start of the "Elven Holocaust" by many spectators of these sessions.
  4. The Black Face - After having taken a ride aboard a ship with a rather pirate-y captain, Grae, endeavoring to keep his identity a secret, painted his own face completely black, earning several remarks from his party members and spectators.
  5. I'm closing that book - After the defeat of Talbot, Grae has shown an extreme interest in Morgana's book...mainly interested in chaining up the book, locking it in a steel box, melting wax into the lock and watching Darstine night and day to ensure that Morgana does not possess her and, in the process, protect the party from Darstine's curse. Though perhaps it didn't help that the recipient of said book was the character with the best Thievery skill in the group, whose curser really, REALLY wants that book...
  6. Hey Tammy, why do you hate us? - While being captured by elves, the party recognized Tamier, Lord Escalion's squire. Being one of the only three to speak Elvish, Grae asked why Tamier hates them, christening the elf "Tammy". This nickname stuck with the group (and much of the stream chat) for quite awhile; whether Tamier was annoyed by this, no one ever got to know.
  7. I Run into the Wall! - After entering a seemingly normal room in the abandoned Tiefling castle, Juliet activated an enchantment of some kind, which caused the hallway leading out of the room to seal off. In response, Grae tried to leave the room, causing him to run right into a wall.
  8. Grae and his lovely Bow-After Lilea gave him her lovely handcrafted bow with little engraved flowers lightly dusted with pearly white paint on it He muttered that He ' Liked this Elf'. Then He said that he liked the Bells and Flowers on it. Then when It starts raining Grae fails his endurance check and mutters in his sleep all night about how his new bow is his only trustworthy friend.

Battle/Team Dynamics


Viktor and Grae work effectively together as shown by when Viktor opened a door for Grae to throw his flaming bed roll into.




Lord Commander Vane II

Vane and Grae both agree on their views on elves and brings them close.


Having a hatred for elves, Grae has never fully trusted Lilea, although she still heals him when he's on the verge of death.


Character Sheet

Character Depictions

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