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DnD ArcLight is a
D&D player.
Super Operator ArcLight is a
Super Operator
of the LordKaT IRC
Regular ArcLight is in the
LordKaT Mafia
Steam Group
TGWTG ArcLight is a friend
of LordKaT's Livestream.
the_United_States_%28Pantone%29 ArcLight is the
representative of United States in
United Nations of Lord Kat
Administrator ArcLight is an
Administrator and Editor
of the LordKaT Wiki

Liam (better known around these parts as ArcLight) is one of the most frequent visitors to the stream, and a supermoderator in the LordKaT chatroom. His love of games is only topped by two things: his fascination with music and his Britishness, the latter of which knows no bounds.

On the main stream, he regularly participates in whatever multiplayer game LordKaT might be playing, usually TF2 or League of Legends. Outside of the main stream, he has a side variety show with RolloT and SonikGav called Bromance; and on Sundays on MechaGM's stream, he can be found playing the Shadowland D&D campaign with the players there, playing as the Battlemind Dahlia Foster.

Being a personality on the stream, he has been subject to quite a few jokes and memes, all in good jest:


Da Facts!!

An overtly sexy British man whom wears a tophat and MANocle. He's currently on the run from Britland police for breaking the 'Must-like-tea' law.

Often found to be LordKat's monkey boy, because he finds the accent hot and likes seeing him wearing only a fez and sunglasses (The only time he takes off his top hat and monocle.). If he's not eating cornish pasties, he's drinking ale and stabbing people in the back with a knife. He also plays a spy in TF2 quite often.

He has also been know to be beeped (His name called out by the IRC chat people multiple times) on command of Lordkat and has been awoken from his British like sleep by this once.

Around Rollo T he can often be seen bursting into flame and running towards first-aid kits.

He may or may not be an Australian masquerading as a Brit.

Arclight's "Blue Balls" have become famous on the stream because all of his romantic relationships are with manipulative bitches and skanks.

He also apparently is a furry towards flamingos because they're fabulously pink.

The Song

ArcLight has also been featured in a song. Its a Parody of the "Happy Birthday" song.


I don't like you ArcLight.

I wanna hit you. Let's Fight.

I can't stand your ugly siiiiight.

I don't like you ArcLight.

Hats and keys

Despite having a symbiotic top hat and MANocle, Arclight is known to spend copious amounts of money on virtual hats and keys for crates, likely exploiting a loop-hole in British pounds to American dollar conversion rates. His tower of hats is only rivaled by Robin Walker himself, and underneath all those hats is plasma Hitler hair.


His true weakness are spiders and allergy

Steam Group

Arclight has a steam group, although it is not created by him, he isn't in it, nor does he approve of it. Join! Although the group has not done much as of yet, their awesome leader, Mike 013, and his investigation group have found what could very well be an accurate police sketch of ArcLight (see first image below).



I... Fuck... Penis... GET OUT OF ME!!! - Arclight
For four grand you could get half a mac! - Arclight
Blimey! - Arclight
British! British! British! British! British! British! British! British! - Arclight
Mr. Humphrey, are you free? - Arclight
You must use the fine china with the hand painted periwinkles! - Arclight
Haven't you heard? Fat ladies love me! I'm in Demand. - Arclight
Getting snipped is so wired, it's like getting shot with a bullet of reality.. - Arclight
WAT?! - Arclight
Milk. -Arclight being VERRY adorable.
Trying is doing and failing. -Arclight being wise.
My fingers melted! -Arclight
Dicks. Everywhere. -Arclight
I shot one bullet and killed two women. Don't quote that. -Arclight
His penis has to resemble a right angle at this point. Although he could fuck around corners. -Arclight
You can tongue people out of the air like a two dollar whore. -Arclight
Stop being a superior cunt. -Arclight
Oh for fuck's sake, dickweed. -Arclight
God's a shady character. -Arclight
This is a doorway... I cannot go through. -Arclight
<&Arclight> I WANT TO BE A WOMAN -Arclight
<&Arclight> Vogerl_Birdy, what is it with Austrians and keeping people in basements? -Arclight
What the fuckaguwaaaaaaaaaaat -ArcLight vs. Gail Chana
Fuck Belgium! -ArcLight vs. Belgian chocolates
Hey, I'm ArcLight. You wanna see my nether regions? -Arclight to Mort
Can I cockslap him with my mind dick? -Arclight while playing one of his female characters
While discussing Wyrmwick...

LordKaT: "I might have overestablished [Owaine] a little bit..."
ArcLight: "Well, we overestablished a dragon into the side of his house, so we're even."

I'm always bottom. -ArcLight
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