Hey folks!

As you may or may not know, I'm throwing together a convention: XP Fest, where we can get together and game for a weekend in Hartford, CT.

Well, I need your help! If you're on the east cost of the US, could you do me a favor? Can you print out this flyer, take it to your local comic book, video game, or coffee shop and ask if you can have them handed out? OR take them to a youth center, YMCA, college campus, and post them on public posting boards (asking permission first, of course)?

Pretty please, with sugar on top?

You don't even have to use your own ink: Staples, Office Max, FedEx/Kinkos, and UPS stores would be willing to print these nice flyers out for you (and cut them) for a nominal fee. Cheaper than printer toner, that's for sure!

I'm willing to throw in a bone though: for those of you who want a discount to XP Fest, if you manage to post, and verify with pictures, 50 flyers, I'll give you a $10 discount code off your badge.

What do you say? Pretty please? We really could use the help!

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