Phil Simms is slowly becoming a legendary sports caster, but not because he's good at it.

Here are the top quotes from Phil Simms for each week of the 2013 NFL season.

I've been asked to explain #GamerGate to a family member of mine and was having trouble coming up with the words to explain it in a succinct and efficient manner. I think I've come up with something that works:

#GamerGate is a movement of people who love playing video games but are tired of having media personalities present content as honest and trustworthy, when they are clearly biased.

This undercurrent has been building for years, as fans of the video gaming hobby have continually raised their voices against the blatant incestuous orgy that the gaming media has always been. It start slowly, but we've continued to see more and more of this type of lashing out over the years.

We've seen it before, with complains about full-sized tower ads for a game surrounding a perfect review of the exact same game, to complaints about people like Geoff Keighly whom people crowned the Mountain Dew and Doritos king of gaming.

As far as I can tell #GamersGate is an extension of that, only this is focused specifically on writers relationships with developers and PR companies; for example, one complaint is that the highly influential IGF, which is a competition to determine who wins an IGF award and receives quite a bit of public notoriety, may have been influenced through sexual misconduct of the festival founder.

In short, #GamersGate is about being tired of getting lied to by the media that represents our hobby that we love and cherish.

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