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Today, I am coming out of the closet I have so deeply dug myself into.

Today, I admit to being a TGWTGkin.

Yes, in my heart of hearts, I really feel that I am one with the That Guy With The Glasses crew.

Don't laugh, because I'm serious. Today I'm announcing changes to how the entire community will work.

First, we will no longer run a Patreon campaign, because those kinds of websites are simply not worth the effort. After all, if you put your name behind something, and it fails, people will blame you.

Next, we'll be running an indiegogo campaign in the near future. Since my bank account is basically empty we want to upgrade the server, get a second 1U unit, and start hosting your videos.

After that, we'll be accepting advertisers on our website. We're currently trying to replace our biggest patreon supporter with ads for websites with zero relevance to you or your interest. We'll accept these ads at a flat rate of $450 per ad per month. Subject to removal at our discretion.

Next, I'd like to announce that will be going subscription-only. This includes access to the chat room and the live stream.

Since we're locking out the live stream, we're also moving away from As of tomorrow, the twitch live stream will be off the air and all archives will be moved to the subscribers-only site, where you'll never be able to access them because I would actually have to update the site.

Finally, we know these changes are going to hurt, but don't worry, because we still care about you - and we'll care about you even more if you open your nearly empty wallets and give us more of your money.

Remember, we love you more when you throw money at us! We're totally not televangelists!

Your fellow TGWTGkin,
Jason "LordKaT" Pullara

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